Four in a row

Four in a row is a vertical board game. The package contains the source code and executables for GNU/Linux, Windows and partly for DOS. It can be used as a graphical program (SDL2), as a textconsole-based program, or as a web based CGI-program.

For the graphical program you need the SDL2.

[screenshot row4g]


At the start you are asked for the number of players. Enter "2" to play with a friend, or enter "1" if you don't have any friends.

The grit is set up vertically and you can drop chips into the slots. Your goal is to get four chips in a row. This can be vertically or horizontally or diagonally. The game can also end with a draw, when all columns are full and nobody has won.

You can use the mouse, and if not the keyboard to control the programs.

Have fun!