Andreas K. Förster


Hello, my name is Andreas K. Förster.

My hobby is developing software, though mostly for my own personal purposes. Many of my projects are publicly accessible here on this website. The webserver that runs on this site is also made by me. — How about playing a game?

Free Software is very important to me. Some people often confuse Free Software with Freeware, but it is something very different. Free Software isn't about price but about freedom! Free Software is most often also free of charge, but that is just a side effect. Please read the official definition of “Free Software”. My favorite operating system is GNU/Linux. By the way, this homepage is also delivered by a GNU/Linux system.

Since English is not my native language, you will find much more information on my German webpage.


My personal emblem (or “icon”) is an adaption of the historic coat of arms of my home-town Castrop-Rauxel. Instead of the double-X there are my initials “AKF”.

I try to avoid services that make money with collecting personal data and are successfull with it. On Mastodon or GNU social you can reach me as The search engine of my choice is currently MetaGer (source code).

Please tell me something nice:

I am certified by LPI as a GNU+Linux Systems Administrator:
LPIC-1 (Linux Professional Institute Certified Level One).