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Debian is about ...

The official pronunciation of Debian is

What is sarge+1 called?

Which scripting language is part of the Debian base install?

When was Debian founded?

Who founded Debian?

Dueling ...

I'm surrounded by ...

Most machines are named after

Who is responsible for updating testing?

What is ubuntu?

debian/rules is a ... file is a CNAME for

The first non-i386 Debian port was

What is not a Debian distribution codename?

.deb packages are ... archives

For which architecture has no Debian port been released yet?

Which pair is a Debian pair?

Who is tbm?

What's Branden Robinson's nickname?

Who is shown on the picture at

Which city is famous for a recent release manager meeting?

Which game is the culprit for most stalls in any Debian process?

How often did Branden Robinson run for DPL?

Debian Developers often ... the planet

Alexander "Tolimar" Schmehl is Debian's

See you in ...

"Damnation" means getting stuck in the ... queue

Which of the following package names is not a Debian Developer login?

What is hot-babe?

Who has the minimum mean signing distance in the global web of trust?

GFDL is ...

Which is not a proper subject tag for a wnpp bug?

What is the highest version epoch used in Sarge?

Which version of the kde package is included in Sarge?


udebs are used in ...

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DWN is ...

debian-jr is ... runs ...

You start a GR when you want ...

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A facet is a ...

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