Andreas K. Förster

Hello, my name is Andreas K. Förster. (“Förster” means “forester”.)

Free Software is very important to me. It is a matter of liberty, not price.

There is no dependency on one single manufacturer. In case of disagreements Free Software can and may be continued by other programmers. That is called a “fork” then.

As operating system I am using GNU/Linux. There are many different distributions of GNU/Linux. By the way, this homepage is also delivered by a GNU/Linux system.

Some also use the term Open Source for Free Software. Those people are often less strict in rejecting unfree software.

Some of my projects are publicly accessible here on this website. — How about playing a game? Or some exercises for elementary arithmetic?

Since English is not my native language, you will find much more information on my German web page.


My personal emblem (or “icon”) is an adaption of the historic coat of arms of my home-town Castrop-Rauxel. Instead of the double-X there are my initials “AKF”.

I try to avoid networks that make money by collecting personal information, and in most cases are connected to secret services.

The search engine of my choice is currently MetaGer (source code).

As web browser I recommend Firefox. That seems to be the lesser evil. To make the Web somewhat bearable, I use the ad blocker uBlock Origin. That doesn't just block advertisings but also other kinds of malware.